A winning combination: exceptional knowledge, unparalleled experience, proven practicality and reputational integrity combined with a unique franchise background.

During his 40 year career as a lawyer and senior partner at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP in the firm’s Toronto office, Frank’s business law practice was concentrated in franchise law. He was involved with over 400 franchise systems. He has been an investor in both franchisor and franchisee operations, and has served as a director of several leading franchise companies. 

Frank was consistently ranked as the most frequently recommended franchise lawyer in Canada and among the most highly regarded international franchise lawyers.  He served as Special and General Counsel of the Canadian Franchise Association, Chair of the Supplier Forum of the International Franchise Association, and the first Chair of the Franchise Law Section of the Ontario Bar Association.  He was the initial recipient of the CFA’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Frank chaired the Uniform Law Conference of Canada Commercial Law Strategy franchise law committee which prepared a model Uniform Franchises Act and regulations adopted by the ULCC in August 2005 and followed by several provinces in their franchise legislation.

Frank has written, spoken and been interviewed for many publications and at numerous conferences and media events concerning various aspects of domestic and international franchising and particularly, in recent years, on mediation, franchise ombudsman programs, arbitration and other alternate dispute resolution options for franchise disputes.

Since his retirement from active law practice at the end of 2012, he has transformed his unique business and legal experience in franchising into several support service functions through his company, FRANlegal Support Services: franchise mediator and arbitrator with ADR Chambers in Toronto; independent franchise system ombudsman; expert witness in franchise litigation matters; business advisor/consultant on high-level strategic domestic and international franchise structuring, relationship and growth matters; member of the board of directors or advisory board of franchise companies; and profile speaker at franchise conferences or conventions.

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Franchising is a complex contractual relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee.  Both parties put their trust in each other to provide mutual economic benefit. However, misunderstandings can arise and disputes can result. 


Arbitration offers an opportunity to select a decision-maker with specific experience in franchising resulting in a cost-effective, quick and efficient process with the ability to exclude certain matters or issues from the arbitration process.

Business Advisor

With forty years of franchise law practice for over 400 franchise systems and almost every industry category of product and service franchises, Frank has deep knowledge and understanding of the business aspects of franchising. 

Expert Witness

Franchise litigation is almost regularly founded on an alleged breach of the franchise agreement and/or franchise legislation.  An expert witness is often retained to provide expert evidence in many situations.

Independent Franchise Ombudsman

An ombudsman is a neutral, independent resource who provides informal, confidential assistance to assist with the resolution of concerns and complaints. The ombudsman helps facilitate a resolution by discussing the issues and facilitating solutions.

Speaker & Writer

As a speaker at many franchise meetings and conferences, Frank has the experience and practical understanding to be a motivational speaker at franchisor or franchisee association meetings or conventions.



Frank Zaid

FRANlegal Support Services



Toronto: 416-322-8300; (c) 416-837-5973 

Florida: 561-244-8833; (c) 561-843-6740 

416-362-8555 or 1-800-556-5154 (toll-free) for bookings for mediation and/or arbitration